Traveling & Wayfaring 10/13

Lines: A Brief History by Tim Ingold

Chapter 3 ——Up, across and along 

[It is about dots, lines, and life.]

"Wayfarer moves with time, but the transported travelers traces against time."



Traveling means I go from here to there, from this point to that point, via transportation. It is a point-to-point connector. In my past travelings, I kept reminding myself that the pleasure was not just from my destinations, but also "on the road." This summer, we did a road trip from Champaign, illinois to Seattle. Each day, we drove the mileage planned beforehand. Even though we stopped several times along the way to enjoy the sceneries, my mindset was still like, "we should arrive at our destination at least by sunset." Whenever there is a target or goal pushing us, it is very likely that we will ignore what is happening now, because  our eyes are always focusing on the goal. At the moment, we become travelers. Fortunately, I do not consider myself as a perfect traveler. I like to question about, everything, including purposes of my traveling, justifications of the destination, and whom I am traveling with. This might be the reason. 



Wayfaring means I move freely. I see, I think, and I learn along the way. The path may not be a straight line, but can be a curve, a spiral, or a mess; there are no starting or ending points, the continuity of the path is random, or say, is led by the wayfarer's heart. What does it mean in our life? I believe the power, or the "engine," which motivates us to keep moving, is the combination of our passion and the joy rewarded by what we are doing and what we have done. Our passion will guide us, and light up future path at every moment. Am I a wayfarer? I think, I am exploring and getting there (maybe). My past 18-year-education did not allow me to think about being a wayfarer anyway. However, is wayfarer better than traveler? Perfect travelers should always know their destinations, even without abundant information. This means, if they have no idea about where their destinations are, they may get stuck on the way, or they might be panic and anxious, because they lose the sense of control. However, for wayfarers, their control is about themselves, the inner control that "whether I know about my passion." This control is constant, and relatively stable.

I guess it does not matter whether you label yourself as either traveler or wayfarer. As long as you feel happy, everything is fine. However, if you do need some change, the transition will take time and efforts, but it will pay off eventually. To be or not to be?