Architect of Life

This will be a short blog, because I want to get enough sleeping time but do not want to miss the chance expressing this valuable thought. 

Let's rewind to 3 years ago, Aug. in 2009. My parents and I had a serious talk about my major. They were conservative and considered that Architecture could be a wonderful major to pursue, since my father is doing civil engineering stuff; however, I did not agree with them. It was not because I was not interested in Architecture, but the "superficial" reason they considered to be legitimate. Certainly, that should be a very important factor to think about, but I was extremely unsatisfied with their persuasion, which I regarded as kind of short-sighted. Finally, I chose psychology as my major, and I could not guarantee it was the "correct" decision, but at least, I successfully defended the control of my life from their "attack." lol 

At this moment, and from now on, I consider myself to be an architect of life. Even though I like part of my life to be random, I still would be glad to actively construct each part of my life and the world around me. Positive psychology helps me know that it takes efforts to harvest even happiness, which I took for granted as the fruit of luck in the past. Everything without polishing is raw and rough, so is life. For me, I want a different life, which may need more efforts to polish. As we all know, "No Pain, No Gain", here in this blog, I hope it to be "No Efforts, No Fun."  

So, 3 years ago, I started the journey of my own life. Now, I want to polish it and make it shine. 

Good Night.

Love, Ivy.