Eventure is a campus events online+mobile platform @ Peking University

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Background: In Peking University, there are various events and activities going on, but somehow it's hard for events organizers to find their target participants and it's not easy for students to filter events information either. 

Eventure is a campus events platform connecting both events hosts/organizers and students as events participants. Functions: Organizers are able to publish and manage their events information, and students can filter events based their interests through timeline, organizer, tags, and categories searches. It's well designed with the user-centered design approach. 


  • Events (campus events only) are organized on timeline 
  • Highlight the most popular upcoming events 
  • Vivid colors & Clear layout



Event's Page:

  • Detailed information about the event 
  • System will recommend  "People who like this event also like..."

Mobile App 

Moreover, Eventure also connects online info management and offline advertising. How? Eventure provides a complementary mobile App, which can scan QR-code printed on real posters and generate events reminders for users automatically. 



Meanwhile, Eventure system will generate QR-code for events organizers. When designing the posers, events organizers can include the QR-code. In this way, they can keep their existing advertising behavior, but at the same time students will also feel more comfortable to record the events information on their phone instead of writing it down or type it in. Moreover, the mobile App will also automatically generate events reminders, just in case users may forget about the events. 


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Team: Fangzhou Gong, Ivy Guo, Yanran Ying, Scott Cheng, Benge Lou

Time: 1.5 Week