Profiles in Converse

As the art director of Profiles in Converse,  I am in charge all the design works, including website and magazine design. Profiles in Converse is a bilingual Chinese/English e-magazine that specializes in interviewing people for their life stories. The goal is to share the ideas, experiences and stories of interesting people in the hope that they will inspire our readers to create stories of their own. 

Latest Update 



Profiles in Converse  Chinese version Fall 2013 (Our 2nd issue)

Chinese version logo

 New Chinese Logo - Credit to 李冀

New Chinese Logo - Credit to 李冀


Page Design 



Video interview page 


Design principle in Chinese 设计理念

Design Rationale 

As the design director, I am actively exploring the position of Profiles in Converse. What kind of style should we present? What kind of values should we convey to our readers? What kind of design can maximize the space to show the beauty of the content? This issue, for the Chinese version, I aimed to achieve 3 goals: 1. Design simple to highlight the content, 2. Present the beauty of Chinese arts, 3. Create an innovative digital reading experience.

Here are some features I incorporated in this issue: 

User-centered pdf. reading experience design

  • Straight top-down reading flow - no need to scroll back and forth 
  • Delight and relaxing for eyes - empty spaces and margins 
  • Interactive design with multimedia embedded 

Characteristic graphic design

  • Traditional Chinese art elements
  • Classic calligraphy fonts  

Still, there are lots of spaces can be improved. I will collect some reading feedbacks and make it more delightful next time. : ]


Website Design  (Redesign under construction)


Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 12.55.23 AM.png
 Opening page   

Opening page


Magazine Design 


话中人 Chinese Version


Color Palette

This palette is carefully made for the inaugural issue design. The first color is our main color that conveys a sense of maturity and thickness. Other colors are trying to add more dynamics and energy into the whole style, and orange/yellows are perfect ones to serve the purpose. Brown, grey are used to balance the warm and cold tones. 


Color Palette.jpg
屏幕快照 2013-04-04 10.48.57 PM.png

Reading Experience Design

Layout: the design of the layout tries to create both a plenty of empty space that are comfortable for people's eyes and enough space to lay out all content in a clean and beautiful manner. Every line has about ~10 words, so it's easier for readers to keep concentrated at the same block when reading.

Shapes: the use of color and shapes should bring a sense of delight that attracts readers to continue reading (to complement the content). The adoption of circles instead of squares adds a stroke of joy to the reading experience.

User Interaction: In-text links make the pdf responsive, for example, the 1/4 circle can go back to the content page, and the "P" logo at the last page can take the reader back to the cover page, creating a feeling of completion of the reading.  

Fonts: the combination of serif fonts and sans-serif gives the whole design more diversity and variation, where also conveys a sense of consistence.