Your Designer Persona - Sophia LuLu

 2012.11 >10 hours

Change in process produces change in outcome. YOU are a key component in the process of design. By creating a persona, you are changing this key component. There is design work that you want to do, and there is a part of you that you need to get this work done, a part that is beneath the surface of your everyday consciousness and actions. On your way to where you find yourself today, you put parts of your character on back burner. Dig around and bring this part to the light. It may seem wild, difficult, crazy, distasteful  strange, or make you uncomfortable. Don't worry. It is your friend, and it has something important for you and your work; you will expand your self and become more you. 

The process of developing my designer persona  

 Sophia Lulu   

Sophia Lulu


I perceive this project to be the most difficult one, because it's an exploration of my inner world. Like the saying "everyone has an inner child", I believe everyone has an inner stranger as well. The "stranger," which is not constrained by our social normals, reflects your subconscious ideology. It's our subjectivity, our lens, and our third eye. In this project, I need to dress and behave like my persona. To come up with my real designer persona, I reviewed my diaries, my photos, and all my private stuff. I read them again and again, trying to analyze myself. I found the process amazing, exciting, and sometimes I tried to escape from it, since it's just too hard for me to face a different self. It's JUST weird. 

Eventually, here is my persona:

Sophia Lulu

Sophia Lulu is a 21-year-old free artist. She was born in Japan, but she was abandoned right after her birth by her parents because of some mysterious reasons. She was adopted at age 17 by a wealthy American family in Tokyo, Japan. Though her mother and father treated her as their own kid, Sophia Lulu still wants to figure out her biological parents and inquire them why they did that to her. In her free time, Sophia Lulu loves to study fashion and do arts. More importantly, she is obsessed with stars and time travel, because she thinks time travel is the only possible way to go back to the past and figure out her unkown history. 





She also loves...

 Sophia Lulu's handbag   

Sophia Lulu's handbag


 Sophia Lulu's glasses 

Sophia Lulu's glasses 

Sophia Lulu's dressing

Sophia Lulu's traveling preference 

Sophia Lulu's jewelry

Sophia Lulu's interests 

Final Project: Make a video of Sophia Lulu traveling to the black hole


Design Process:

I started with scientific definition of black hole and I caught two key points from the scientific videos:

  1. Everything can be a black hole as long as the physical size is compressed to tiny enough.
  2. The process of traveling into black hole is a process of stretching or say, suffering.

I aimed to design my video not only just filled with artistic elements but also supported by scientific theories, so I always formed video concepts based on those two key points. 

The followings are part of my research before I started to generate the idea: 


Final Video 


Video Script:

Sophia Lulu tries to compress her mind/heart to make a soul black hole >>>>>>

Sophia Lulu suffers during the traveling process >>>>>>

Sophia Lulu passes the black hole >>>>>>

Sophia Lulu finds her inner peace [END]

Scenes Explanation: 

The BOX - the clue  

This box comes with Sophia Lulu. Its pattern shows the complexity of Sophia Lulu's past. It also represents Sophia Lulu's inner world: at the beginning, she holds the box in her hands in every scene, because she lives in her own world and all she wants to do is to figure out her mysterious past. Very randomly, she drops her box, and surprisingly, the box can be opened, which finally leads to the path of her inner world... 

屏幕快照 2013-01-04 1.03.11 PM.png
屏幕快照 2013-01-04 1.03.27 PM.png


Those scenes look like the right one represent our everyday life: Sophia Lulu is so bored with her plain and dull life right now because she has to behave in a certain way, the way that others are expecting her to do. Therefore, she lives her life with all different masks on: some times she is happy, some times she is indifferent, and some times, she is just a loner with a cold heart. 


The process of creating soul black hole

"Everything can be a black hole as long as the physical size is compressed to tiny enough."

So Sophia Lulu compresses all her emotions and experience a whole series of emotional changes. She is trying to form a blank hole in her heart. 



Traveling through the soul black hole

"The process of traveling into black hole is a process of stretching or say, suffering."

It's the process of suffering for Sophia Lulu.


Reach the inner peace

Finally Sophia Lulu reaches her inner world, which is actually pure innocence. At this moment, the box is closed again because Sophia Lulu has found the meaning of it -- all she wants to know is not about her parents, but herself. Instead of living a life that others are expecting (or her original expectation), she breaks free from those mundane constraints and start a new life. The color tone of the scenes is warm and bright to reinforce the contrast.