Web projects 



2013.3 - 2013.8

www.sparkl.us. Virtual brainstorming for creative collaboration.

Sparkl creates a real-time online space for small-sized teams to brainstorm together from anywhere in the world. It enables teams to explore, discuss, organize, share, and build on each other’s ideas. In the end of a brainstorming session, Sparkl uncovers the insights of everyone’s behavior with an interactive summary.




30S Neck Stretch

2012. 10

A chrome extension designed to improve desk health. Check out the App here.

Help people pay more attention to spine/neck healthSmall action can make a big difference.





Eventure is a campus events online+mobile platform @ Peking University



Innovation/design thinking projects 


ResEd.Compass - Find your internal path 

2013. 11 - 2013. 12 @ d.school, Stanford

"Imagining the future of learning/living on campus"

ResEd.Compass is a project partnered with Stanford Residential Education to help students gain skills of self-reflection to clarify learning goals, release stress, and increase happiness. Meanwhile, a more human-centered campus learning/living experience will blossom in Stanford. 


Cardinal Passion Engine & Stanford Experience* Education 

2013. 5 @ d.school, Stanford

"Redesign the higher education system @ Stanford"

The Passion Engine will provide a platform for students to explore, follow, and get supports for their interests. Students will get credit for their interest development through crowdsourcing and "crowdaccrediting."

What if various experiences become requirements of our education system? Experience = Value.


Nordstrom - Serendipity 

2012. 10 @ d.school, Stanford

"Redesign the retail shopping experience for the millennial generation"

Nordstrom Serendipity is an online service that enhances the online shopping experience by bringing a bit of the Nordstrom personal fashion touch and surprise to online shoppers. 


Profiles in Converse 

2012.12 - Present 

Design Director - Website design, magazine design

Profiles in Converse is a bilingual Chinese/English e-magazine that specializes in interviewing people for their life stories. The goal is to share the ideas, experiences and stories of interesting people in the hope that they will inspire our readers to create stories of their own.  



Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 11.18.56 AM.png

Design Thinking  Instruction @ Peking University 

2013. 8 - Peking University Summer Course - Web Product Design (undergrads)

2013. 12 - Peking University - Web Product Design (grads)

David Kelley's TED video 

Classroom instruction

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 11.19.52 AM.png

Design Thinking Presentation @ 17zuoye.com

17zuoye.com is the biggest online homework platform for elementary students.


Design Thinking Presentation 


Arts & Sketches 

 FIREFLOWER  Color progression


Color progression